Ten Years Later

I’ve been contemplating this post for days while listening to and reading and watching others remembering September 11, 2001.  Even now my thoughts are a jumble so please forgive my rambling.

Where was I when the terrorist attacks happened?  I was here, in Saskatoon, in my bedroom.  I must have had CNN on because I remember the first announcement that a plane had hit the World Trade Center tower.  And then they announced that a second plane had hit the other tower.

That took my breath away.

The first seemed like an accident.  The second was clearly an attack.

I held my one-year-old daughter tightly.  My first thought was how thankful I was to be safe in Saskatoon.  My next thought was how guilty I felt for not being “home” in America.

Today I am remembering through photos.  Today I am reading Mark Steyn.   Today I am visiting NYC vicariously through Five Feet of Fury and Blazing Cat Fur.  Today I am listening to Adele.  Today I thanked Saskatoon firefighters.  Today I recommitted to fighting back against those who seek to take away our freedoms and liberties.

We will never forget.


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